"Whidbey Family Practice is dedicated to providing people-centered, holistic healthcare to residents of South Whidbey"

Susan Jones, ARNP

About Us

Susan Jones and Deidre Ward joined together in 2010 to start an innovative nurse managed family practice designed to meet the needs of south Whidbey residents who want to partner in finding their optimal health.  They have both worked in big and small practices, both in primary care and specialities including dermatology, rheumatology, internal medicine and family practice.  Deidre has worked on Whidbey Island for over 20 years. Susan has worked in Washington, California, Mexico and Guatemala both as a nurse and nurse practitioner. Blending old fashioned family care with technology, spiritual care, evidence based medicine in combination with healthy diet and exercise, Deidre and Susan hope to help families and individuals create a healthier community.  Both are wives, mothers and grandmothers, whose mothers live on Whidbey Island. They love working and playing together and enjoy their families and community. Read about them individually on the next pages.

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Scope of Practice

South Whidbey Practice Plan-Susan Jones, ARNP:

Comprehensive Primary Care services for all ages

Certified and licensed to independently provide health care to people from “across the lifespan” as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Common chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as urgent care needs like a cut hand, sprained ankle or cough are all part of comprehensive primary care services.

Women’s health
Provide health maintenance care for women of all ages, including annual exams and cancer screening.

Bladder Health and Continence care
Provide evaluation, treatment and education for patients suffering from incontinence. This common condition causes embarrassment and great personal cost for patients. Many good treatments are available that can improve quality of life in non-surgical ways.

Bone and Joint Health
Provide diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other musculo-skeletal conditions for patients of all ages. Includes therapeutic joint injections which often require referral to outside specialities. Musculo-skeletal complaints make up a large part of primary care, and often patients are referred out to specialists for management of OA and inflammatory arthritides. Providing as much care for patients locally as possible will improve their quality of life, reduce cost for patients and payers. Will include consultation with and referral to specialists as needed.

Skin Health and Cancer Prevention and Care
Provide skin cancer screening as a service to the community, and perform biopsies and curative treatments. This will improve access to local, cost effective skin cancer screening and treatment to South Whidbey residents and keep some revenue within primary care that is currently going to specialty practices on and off island. Will refer patients for MOH’s surgery and consultation with specialitists as needed.

Integrated Mental Health in Primary Care
Provide screening, diagnosis and treatment for common psychiatric and mental health conditions within primary care practice. This includes using screening tools, diagnostic criteria, medication management and cognitive behavioral therapy. This provides a needed service for South Whidbey residents and helps de-stigmatize mental health diagnoses. Will include consultation with and referral to psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and psychiatrists as needed. It is time that we see a mood or thought disorder no differently than we view high blood pressure or thyroid problems. They are part of being human.